Picture 011 Welcome to Playland Fun Center! Playland is Michigan’s oldest fun center, located in Grand Blanc Township, MI; since 1969. Here you’ll find our vast selection of old-school arcade games with favorites like skeeball and Dance Dance Revolution. We also host one of Michigan’s longest go-kart tracks clocking in at a half mile! There are four track options ranging from beginner to expert. In addition we have an 18 hole outdoor mini-golf course. We offer two person karts for parent-child rides. Be sure to check out Saint Lucifer’s Haunted Asylum, one of the top 25 haunted houses according to Haunted Attraction Magazine. Also at Playland Park is Crack The Code 60 minute room escapes. Crack The Code’s first game is Escape The Zombie. It’s a room escape game, but with an added twist of a zombie slowly being released every couple of minutes to keep you on your toes.

We are currently taking applications! Please print out this application and turn it in person.

The go-karts and mini golf will be open one hour after the listed opening time. They will close with the arcade. The go-karts and mini golf will be open when weather permits.

Totally awesome! A must go to place when you’re in the Flint Area
– Brandon Hoffman

A great destination for birthday parties, family gatherings, dates, dinner or just for fun; Playland Fun Center is sure to be a hit! Call us to schedule a birthday or for more information about our rates.


Now open at Playland Park: Crack The Code’s “Escape The Zombie”!
“The zombie outbreak is in full force. A government research lab has discovered the cure to the zombie outbreak. It has been transported to a military outpost to be distributed for mass use, but something went wrong in the process. It’s up to you and your team of friends to complete various puzzles and problems to reach the antidote to cure the zombie outbreak. However, you might not be alone in the process as you are trapped in the room with a Zombie. Do you have what it takes to save the world in 60 minutes?”

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Room Plus Fade


Playland Fun Center is located on South Dort Highway in Flint, Michigan. Click here for map and directions to our location.